How to Apply Black Eye Liner Correctly?

Answer Many teen girls love their eye liner, mainly in the shade of black. As we get into the whole makeup phase, we may go overboard, and that usually happens in the eye makeup department. Don't worry th... Read More »

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How to Apply Eye-liner?

Do you want to make your eyes pop? Then try a little eye make-up. A little eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow will do wonders. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Apply Lip Liner?

Applying lip liner correctly can be a challenge for the most loyal makeup user. Done correctly it can increase the wear of your lipstick, prevent color feathering, prevent color bleeding, provide m... Read More »

How to apply eye liner ?

If you've ever frantically splashed water in your eye after making a mistake with your liquid eyeliner, then you'll understand the importance of knowing how to apply eyeliner the right way. At some... Read More »

How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly?

Eyeliner, which has been used since ancient times, is one of the world's most popular makeup products. Applying eyeliner correctly emphasizes the eyes, affects the appearance of eye shape and makes... Read More »