How to Apply Auto Body Filler?

Answer Creating smooth body lines on a vehicle is the goal of everyone restoring or fixing the body of a vehicle. Auto body fillers consist of two parts that cure to form a hard filler capable of filling ... Read More »

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How to Work With Bondo Body Filler For Auto Body Repair?

Bondo Body Filler is used quite often in auto body work. It is a body filler that fills in dents or creases. It is used to sculpt curved areas and areas where welding has taken place, to level the ... Read More »

How to Use Auto Body Filler?

You may feel that having dents mended in an old car at an auto body shop is too expensive to justify in relation to the value of the car. However, there is no need to let dents make your older car ... Read More »

How to Apply Body Filler?

Body fillers are thermal-set plastics, meaning they cure, or harden, with heat that is created by the reaction between the filler and the metal. Body filler is used to repair damages such as dents ... Read More »

Tips on Using Auto Body Filler?

Holes, dents, scratches and dings can all be fixed relatively inexpensively with an auto body filler such as Bondo. It is important, however, to use auto body filler properly if these repairs are g... Read More »