How to Apply Art to Fingernails?

Answer You don't have to be an artist to apply designs to your fingernails. With a decent paint brush, some acrylic paint and a simple design, you can gain the confidence to apply lovely artwork. Apply ar... Read More »

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How to Apply False Fingernails ?

Professional manicures alone can cost over $1,000 a year, and the amount skyrockets when you factor in false fingernails and exotic designs. Fortunately, you can get the same effects for literally ... Read More »

Why do we cut our fingernails?

otherwise they will break and that might hurt.

How to Dye Your Fingernails?

This technique is fairly inexpensive and lasts much longer than conventional nail polishes because it will not chip. What's most important to know for this concept is: Your nails are made up of the... Read More »

What can fingernails tell us?

Umm... not much. If they are yellow or abnormally colored you might have fungus. If you have overall poor nutrition--not enough vitamins and minerals--you might get weak or bumpy nails.