How to Apply 1970s Eye Makeup?

Answer Eye makeup in the seventies was all about the shimmer. Women had fun with new shimmer pastel color eye makeup. Black mascara, black eyeliner and shimmer eye shadow made a dramatic look that made th... Read More »

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How to Apply 1970s Makeup?

The beauties of the '70s were tan, athletic and natural. Thanks to the rise of the feminist movement, women wanted to appear as unadorned as possible. By day, women may have been as strong and capa... Read More »

How would i apply make up for the 1970s?

The styles the teens wear today is similar to what was worn in the 70's. A lot of white or blue eyeshadow, white or blue eyeliner, lots of lipgloss (with sparkles at night). Blush was a little he... Read More »

Makeup Styles for the 1970s?

Before the days of the Jersey tan and harsh makeup, it was more common to be paler than a bleached sheet while accentuating one feature over another. In the 1970s, wearing heavy blue eye shadow mea... Read More »

How to Do 1970s Disco Makeup?

During the 1970s, people wore bell bottoms, platform shoes and polyester shirts to disco clubs. The makeup women wore during the decade was equally as vibrant as the clothes. The bright-colored eye... Read More »