How to Append With an Unmatched Query in Access?

Answer Queries are used to extract a specific set of data from a relational database, such as a file created by Microsoft Office Access. Each record within a relational database has one or more fields, wh... Read More »

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How to Access a Query With a Wildcard?

Microsoft Access is software designed with countless tools for you to create an organized database with reports, forms, tables and queries. One tool Access comes with is called a wildcard query. A ... Read More »

How to Save an Access Query in Excel With VBA?

Knowing how to save Microsoft Office Access data to Microsoft Office Excel can help you save time when you need to export data to Excel. Access is a relational database management system often used... Read More »

How do I add a query in Access?

InstructionsCreating a query in Microsoft Office Access allows you to complete two types of tasks. You can create a "Select" query that gathers, collates and presents database information in a view... Read More »

Why Use an Access Query?

Microsoft Access is used to build relational databases. Queries are used to ask questions of data that is stored in tables. These queries can pull data from one table or they can pull data from mu... Read More »