How to Appear to Shoot an Arrow Through a Woman?

Answer This illusion will make palmssweat and then make jaws drop as the magician shoots an arrow from a gun and seemingly through a woman's abdomen. The secret--and the reason why the targeted person is ... Read More »

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How to Shoot an Arrow?

Historically, archery was used in hunting and combat. In recent times, it became a precision sport, with the goal of shooting an arrow at a distant target remaining the same, and in 1972, archery r... Read More »

How to Shoot an Arrow in Any N64 Zelda Game?

You just found a fairy bow, good; now how do you shoot it?

Shoot an arrow out of the back of a train at the same speed the train is traveling. What would you see?

This actually forms a part of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. Einstein used a moving train and an observer standing on the railway embankment to illustrate his theory. Relative to the ob... Read More »

The Difference Between the White Arrow & the Black Arrow on InDesign?

When laying out documents in InDesign, a large portion of time is spent positioning, resizing, and reshaping text and graphics. The content, text or graphics, are placed inside text frames or bound... Read More »