How to Appear Busy While Using a Computer?

Answer a computerFor people in school/work who use a computer on a daily/hourly basis, this is a guide to looking productive while actually not doing anything.

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How to Keep Yourself Busy While Offline on Your Computer or Laptop?

Are you bored? Don't have Internet? Or is there nothing to do online? Well then, read this guide if you want to know how to enjoy yourself and pass time while offline!

Do you keep your computer on while not using it?

Yes, it watches things.As in security cameras, for all you 'Report Abuse' button pressers. See, totally innocent home security.

What do u drink or eat while using ur computer?

I'm eating right now..and typing at the same time. If I wanted I think I can really multi-task.. eat,drink, and smoke while I'm on the computer..lolz.

How to reduce eye strain while using computer?

There are many different things you can do to reduce eye strain while using the computer. A few of these are:1. Palming every 30mins-60mins (just search "Palming Eye Exercise" on Google. 2. Looking... Read More »