How to Appear As if Thinking?

Answer Tired of your boss yelling at you because you're staring into space? With this method, you can looking like you're thinking while doing nothing.

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I am thinking of getting a sports camera like the D5100 by Nikon. I am also thinking of getting the 55-300mm.?

In sports photography, it's not so much the camera as it is the lens. A fast telephoto is essential, and is going to be more important than the camera. The number one sports telephoto lens is a 70... Read More »

Thinking about taking a train across country I have a one year old and a two year old... and my husband and I were thinking about taking the tram from California to Oklahoma. Any feeback Thaks?

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Thinking to buy a motorcycle...?

Suzuki C50 or C50T. the "50" means 50 cubic inches or 805cc's. They are excellent bikes for women, they handle nicely and sit fairly low. They are powerful, but not scary fast like a sportbike. The... Read More »

Was just thinking............?