How to Appeal an IRS Tax Audit?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) accepts most federal tax returns as filed. However, the IRS audits, or examines, some returns to determine if income, expenses, and credits are being report... Read More »

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How to Have Sex Appeal?

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How to Appeal a PFA?

In some states, a restraining order filed against a spouse is called a Protection From Abuse or PFA. The person seeking protection must file the order with the appropriate court with a modicum of e... Read More »

How to Audit?

Auditing is a dirty word around tax time. No one really likes auditors too well. Dealing with auditors can be a pain because it does require tedious work on the part of the audited. That might seem... Read More »

What is an RAC audit?

Recovery audit contractors investigate Medicare fraud committed by health care providers through RAC audits. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) conducted a three-year demonstration ... Read More »