How to Appeal Academic Probation?

Answer Academic probation is a type of measure that is sometimes imposed when the grade point average of a student is below average. As a result, the college or university may choose to limit the number o... Read More »

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What is academic probation?

There are many distractions from college academia: friends, social events and jobs. Students often find trouble managing time for everything they want to do. Sometimes grades suffer and colleges pu... Read More »

Definition of Academic Probation?

College students in poor academic standing may be placed on academic probation by school administrators or performance committees. Once a student is placed on academic probation, scholarly progress... Read More »

How to Get Students Off of Academic Probation?

Any parent with a teenager knows that if your child is in school, you are in school. It takes a hands-on approach to get your child off of academic probation and keep track of the coursework and te... Read More »

How to Explain Academic Probation?

Academic probation has to do with a specific school and their grade policy, compared to the grades that a student is currently getting. Different schools will have different levels of grades that c... Read More »