How to Apologize to a Girl for Canceling?

Answer It's necessary and polite to apologize to a girl for canceling a date if you want to see her again. If something truly important occurred and you couldn't be there, she'll most likely understand. T... Read More »

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How to Apologize to a Mean Girl?

So, you said some stuff you regret to a mean girl or behind her back. Maybe you meant it. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apologize. You want to be known as a kind and respectful person an... Read More »

How to Apologize to a Girl on the Phone?

When you say or do the wrong thing to a girl you like, you can hurt her feelings. She could feel so offended that she does not want to talk to you anymore. A good way to repair your relationship is... Read More »

How to Apologize to a Teen Girl?

Trying to apologize in general can be a very painstaking and humbling experience. Now try apologizing to a teen girl, with all her stubbornness and hormone-induced problems. Head hurt yet? That's w... Read More »

How to Apologize to a Girl You Have Rejected or Embarrassed?

Embarrassing a girl is the worst thing a guy could do. Sure, you may hear her friends joke around with her about something that may seem as stupid as her weight or something she did that was embarr... Read More »