How to Apologize Without Apologizing?

Answer Let's face it everyone gets guilty once in awhile, but some people just don't know how to apologize or just feel their apology will get rejected. Well, here are some steps for you to apologize with... Read More »

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How to Stop Apologizing?

"Sorry for being me" is what really lies behind the person who cannot stop apologizing for everything and everyone. It's a "sorry" state to be in and can often happen through good intent to be kind... Read More »

How to Get Your Ex Friend Back Without Apologizing?

Did you and your friend get into an argument and you want him/her back without apologizing? Well read this and follow the instructions!

How do you make someone stop ignoring you WITHOUT apologizing?

What song is playing in the background of Fruits Basket episode 23 when Tohru is walking home and remembering her mother and is interrupted by Ritsu apologizing to a cat?

It's called "A Thaw." Look up "Fruits Basket A Thaw" on youtube and some videos should come up. In the show it sounded more music-boxish, but the only version I could find is more piano, but it sti... Read More »