How to Apologize After Bad Behavior to a Teacher Even Though You Don't Want To?

Answer "What? Why should I apologize?"Have you done something to your teacher that you don't regret, but you are forced to apologize for it? You don't have to be truly sorry. However, you should apologize... Read More »

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How to Apologize After Bad Behavior?

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Do u like mcdonalds even though it causes obesity,well im not a hater i just want to no?

no, disgusting food, no nutrition, targets kids

Should i go to school to be a cosmetologist even though i Really want to be a counseling psychologist (pics)?

You are good at braiding but cosmetology is more than that (which you will eventually learn if you go for it).Since you want to be both go get your licence and go to school to pursue counseling psy... Read More »

If you dont use your printer for a while, will your ink cartridges dry up even though they aren't empty?

Yes, the cartrages are the income source for printer companies.