How to Apologize After Bad Behavior to a Teacher Even Though You Don't Want To?

Answer "What? Why should I apologize?"Have you done something to your teacher that you don't regret, but you are forced to apologize for it? You don't have to be truly sorry. However, you should apologize... Read More »

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How to Apologize After Bad Behavior?

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How to Apologize to a Teacher?

Have you offended a teacher? Perhaps it was intentional, perhaps not, but either way, an apology is in order. How do you apologize for your offense? This article will explain how you can do that wi... Read More »

The Effects of Aggressive Behavior to the Teacher?

Aggressive behavior in students is considered a behavioral disorder. Such behavior involves physical violence against students and the teacher, abusive language, bossiness, tantrums and emotional o... Read More »

A Child Behavior Checklist for the Teacher?

The Child Behavior Checklist is a behavioral instrument developed by Dr. Thomas Achenbach. The checklist gives parents, teachers and administrators a concrete way to compare a child's behavior to a... Read More »