How to Antique Finish Brass and Bronze?

Answer Over time, metals such as bronze and brass will age and begin to deteriorate. Having an antique finish on your precious bronze and brass metals can help bring an attractive quality to their aging, ... Read More »

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How do I change a brass hardware finish to oiled bronze?

PrepareGather implements, such as lacquer thinner, steel wool, household gloves, mouth guard, soft cloth, darkening solution, liver of sulphur and clear coat. Wear the protective gloves and mouth g... Read More »

Red Bronze Disease on Brass?

Bronze disease received its name from the misconception that it was caused by bacteria. Today we know it is a chemical reaction in which a patina is formed on the surface of bass, bronze and copper... Read More »

How to Restore a Bronze Finish?

Bronze statues, decor and furnishings can act as an elegant touch to a home or office because of its rich reddish color. It is can be easier to maintain than copper or brass because it takes longer... Read More »

How to Antique Brass?

New brass is shiny, but over time it darkens and takes on a patina. It depends on a person's preference as to whether they prefer the new finish or the aged finish. The shine can be preserved using... Read More »