How to Antique Brass?

Answer New brass is shiny, but over time it darkens and takes on a patina. It depends on a person's preference as to whether they prefer the new finish or the aged finish. The shine can be preserved using... Read More »

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How do I clean an antique brass bed?

Soapy WaterStart cleaning the bed with soapy water. Use a gentle dish soap and a clean rag. Scrub with an old toothbrush to reach deep grime and dirt. Prevent scratching the brass by avoiding steel... Read More »

How to Antique a Brass Hinge?

A hinge is two pieces of metal connected by a pin that allows a door or window to swing open easily. Brass has been used for hundreds of years to make hinges because of its strength and corrosion r... Read More »

How to Clean Antique Brass Taps?

Brass tarnishes over time. According to the How Much is it Worth website, brass is a mixture of zinc and copper that undergoes a chemical change when exposed to air, causing brass to turn green or ... Read More »

How do i refinish antique brass beds?

Remove the original protective coating. Apply paint stripper to the brass and allow to penetrate according to the directions before using extra fine steel wool to remove any protective acrylic coat... Read More »