How to Answer the Phone at Work?

Answer Projecting a professional image at work is important for career success. The way a person dresses, speaks, and interacts with co-workers, customers, and supervisors is always memorable. Answering t... Read More »

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If i answer my phone with a long cord and walk isn't it now a mobile phone?

If i sleep in my car and move it once in a while, is it a mobile home?

If you have a 3G phone can you buy a 4G phone on Craigslist and it'll work if you tell the phone company that you want to upgrade to the 4G plan?

How can i actually answer my phone?

Why so scared? think of it as a fortune cookie or pandora's box :) , open it(pick it up), might be some good news from the other side of the line :)

How to Answer Someone Else's Phone?

You're at someone else's home, or they left their cell phone at the table. It could be an important call! Read further to learn how to properly answer someone else's line.