How to Answer the Phone Safely?

Answer Hello? What language are you speaking? Hello?Did you just get a phone call from an unknown number, and the voice message was in angry Filipino? Oops, wrong number! Things like this happen to people... Read More »

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How to Answer the Door Safely?

OK, you probably wouldn't open the door if these guys showed up...but, sometimes bad guys don't look dangerous at all.Home invasion - that is, forcibly entering a home to commit robbery or other cr... Read More »

If i answer my phone with a long cord and walk isn't it now a mobile phone?

If i sleep in my car and move it once in a while, is it a mobile home?

How do you and or can you safely root your android phone?

Depends. If you are more of a person who likes and post lots on facebook, get the HTC chacha. But if you don't use the keyboard as much but browse the internet and play lots of games, get the wildf... Read More »

How to Dispose of a Cell Phone Safely?

Have you grown tired of your cell phone, or just gotten a new one? You need to be very careful when disposing of a cell phone, to make sure you do it properly.