How to Answer if You Might Be Overqualified?

Answer Employers who believe you are overqualified need to be convinced that you truly want to work for them. They are concerned that you will leave because you will not make enough money, the job is not ... Read More »

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How to Answer an Interview Question Suggesting You're Overqualified?

Heading down the ladder canlead to awkward questionsThere are always trick questions in an interview and one of the more challenging ones is being asked: "Don't you think you're overqualified for t... Read More »

How to Convey You Want a Job Overqualified?

Employers have expressed concerns that overqualified workers are likely to leave a company, lack motivation, and are less adaptable to change. Some employers automatically reject older job candidat... Read More »

How to Explain Interest in a Job That You Are Overqualified For?

Finding a job in the current economy can be difficult for recent graduates and seasoned professionals. As a person trying to start a career, you may find that jobs in your field require experience,... Read More »

Braces bracket scraping my tongue! please answer, I'll answer yours. 10pts best answer?

I had that problem when I first got braces. :(All you can really do is put wax over the bracket. I can't remember exactly how long it took to stop hurting, but I'd guess around a week, maybe a bit ... Read More »