How to Answer if You Might Be Overqualified?

Answer Employers who believe you are overqualified need to be convinced that you truly want to work for them. They are concerned that you will leave because you will not make enough money, the job is not ... Read More »

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How to Answer an Interview Question Suggesting You're Overqualified?

Heading down the ladder canlead to awkward questionsThere are always trick questions in an interview and one of the more challenging ones is being asked: "Don't you think you're overqualified for t... Read More »

What vision might i have answer quick plz!?

Since 20/20 means you can see clearly at 20 feet and beyond. 20/40 usually means you can see half the distance or 10 feet away and 20/80 would mean you can see 5 feet away. But this is innacurate s... Read More »

Phentermine Any Doctors out there that might know the answer to this?

Yes, your heart rate will be more elevated when you work out. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant with many side effects. I suggest Hoodia Gordonii, it's a powerful natural appetite suppressant ... Read More »

Why might someone hoping to adopt answer questions from vulnerable expectant young mothers with 'email me'?

Dear Heather,Personally, I think many of them were told to "troll" the internet by their agencies or some dumb book like "Fast Track to Infant Adoption".I think it shows very questionable morality ... Read More »