How to Answer an Attorney's Interrogatories?

Answer Interrogatories are a set of written questions that are served to the opposing witness or party during civil litigation. Interrogatories are prepared by an attorney to be used during the discovery ... Read More »

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Civil procedure can one refuse to answer interrogatories based on their fifth amendment rights?

Answer Great article- hope it helps. Note that when invoking the 5th in civil proceeding, it is on a question by question basis. Read More »

Can interrogatories be used in small claims court?

On One Hand: Valuable Source of InformationInterrogatories, written questions propounded to an opposing party in litigation, are an inexpensive method of obtaining information from a party opponen... Read More »

Can interrogatories be answered orally before a notary public?

Interrogatories are a set of written questions that must be answered under oath, in writing and signed by the party answering the questions. A deposition is an oral examination, and questions may b... Read More »

Child Custody Challenge Preparation and Interrogatories?

Yes. The best example I've seen of this involved a 27 year old Michigan man ordered to pay 14 years in retroactive child support in 1997. The woman he was having a relationship with at age 12 was ... Read More »