How to Answer a Weird and Wacky Interview Question?

Answer Weird and wacky interview questions are done on purpose. They are a means to unsettle you, and to test your on-the-spot analytical ability and responsiveness under pressure. They may seem left fiel... Read More »

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How to Answer the Salary Question in a Job Interview?

One of the most difficult questions to answer in an interview has to do with the salary offered for the position. It’s always a good idea to avoid asking about salary, but sometimes an interviewe... Read More »

How to Answer a Team Player Interview Question?

Many interviewers are going to want to know if you're a team player. A lot of jobs require teaming up with others and getting along with colleagues even if you wouldn't normally spend your time wit... Read More »

How to Answer an Interview Question About Why You Left a Job?

Well, they complained about my turning up naked each morning...The question many interviewees dread is the one about why you left a certain job that's in your resume, a job further back in your car... Read More »

Weird question!!! 10 pts for best answer :)?

Itch is caused by mastocytes or mast cells, this are cells that produce histamine, this histamine reacts with the nerves producing the itching.Here's the interesting part of it, scratching or cold ... Read More »