How to Answer a Summons in a New York County Court?

Answer In the court system, a person who decides to sue someone files a complaint at the local courthouse; the complaint is called a summons. The person who receives this complaint is the defendant in the... Read More »

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How to Answer a Summons in New York State?

You must answer a summons from a New York State court or the plaintiff can obtain a judgment against you without going to trial. A summons is a formal notice from the court of an action in court ag... Read More »

How to File a Court Summons?

The purpose of a court summons is to inform the defending party in a lawsuit that the person who is filing the lawsuit, known as the plaintiff, wishes to bring a case in court against the defendant... Read More »

How to Create a Court Summons?

Save some of the costs of a lawsuit by creating your own court documents, including a court summons. A court summons is a document that must accompany all complaints, and serves to give notice to t... Read More »

Definition of County Court & Stautory County Court?

County courts and statutory county courts are those courts that have jurisdiction over local populations. In common law systems, these courts hear cases involving claims for money owed and property... Read More »