How to Annualize a Percentage?

Answer Annualized percentage rates and annualized percentage yields are commonly defined as costs to borrow money or return on investment of money. They measure performance over the course of a year. Many... Read More »

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How to Annualize?

If you need to analyze data for taxes or a budget, then 1 of the best ways to do so is to figure out how much something will cost on a yearly basis. This is called annualizing data. Most salary and... Read More »

How to Annualize a Quarterly Return?

Investment companies update their clients regularly about their return on investment (ROI). If you have investments, you probably have received a quarterly return report that shows how well each of... Read More »

In 2008 what percentage of drivers on the road were men, and what percentage were women?

NHTSA has stats like that, it's dry reading. Men and women are almost 50/50 but slightly more women than men.Women tend to have more fender benders, while men tend to have more fatal accidents invo... Read More »

What percentage of homeopaths are deluded and what percentage are just out and out scammers?

I have to answer truthfully that I personally never met a homeopath that I thought was a scammer. Every one I met fully believed in their ideas. However many of the homeopathic sites I have seen on... Read More »