How to Annoy Your Little Brothers?

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How do you annoy your brothers?

There are several ways. One is to repeat everything he says, even sounds like sighs. Also, my brother hates it when I touch him lightly on his shoulder or head every few seconds. And he goes crazy ... Read More »

What are some famous brothers like the Wright Brothers or the Kennedy brothers?

The Grimm Brothers they wrote most of the popular fairy tales that we know.

Why is it that brothers' wives won't mind if their husbands are close to their brothers but she can't stand if their husband provides any emotional support to their sisters even when it required?

Well thinking of it, it is because they are probably straight and the wives are just jealous.

Why do most brothers love their brothers more than their sisters - FYI not my situation but happens with most siblings?

really most brothers love both the same but it might seem like they love there brothers more because they hang out with them more .they only hang out with each other more because they both like the... Read More »