How to Annotate a Famous Historical Painting?

Answer Annotation (adding explanatory notes or comments) requires the close reading of a narrative. A history painting is a narrative without words -- the story of a historical event told in a picture. To... Read More »

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Is the"Mona Lisa"a famous painting?

Not only is the "Mona Lisa" a famous painting, it may be the most recognizable painting in the world. Leonardo da Vinci created it in the early years of the 16th century--finishing it in 1506--and ... Read More »

What painting was dali's most famous?

Arguably, the most famous painting in Salvador Dali's impressive portfolio is his 1931 "The Persistence of Memory" piece which features melting watches on a serene landscape. This painting currentl... Read More »

What was Picasso's most famous painting?

Pablo Picasso's most famous painting is a matter of opinion, since he had many paintings that attained world renown. However, his antiwar piece "Guernica"--first unveiled at the 1937 World's Fair--... Read More »

What is Monet's most famous painting?

Claude Monet, a French impressionist artist, is most known for his work "Impression: Sunrise." This painting actually spawned the use of the term "impressionism" to refer to the art movement that i... Read More »