How to Anchor an Outdoor Patio Blind to the Ground?

Answer Installing a blind on your patio is a great way to increase protection from the sun and to provide additional privacy. However, when you have the blind down, it is possible for the wind to catch th... Read More »

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Is there a way to anchor patio furniture on the patio of a vacation rental that doesn't look tacky?

Bolt them in the patio through the base of the chair. It won't be noticeable but will prevent it from being moved. Don't do it to chairs for a table as they won't be able to be used when sitting a... Read More »

What are structures that help anchor plants to the ground?

Vertical Blind Ideas for a Champion Patio Room?

Create added appeal to your Champion patio room by using vertical blinds that are light filtering, insulating and attractive. There are several ideas for vertical blinds that highlight the all-sea... Read More »

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