How to Anchor a Boat?

Answer How to anchor a boat. It is a tough thing offshore when the wind is blowing and the boat is rocking. Use these simple steps to anchor a boat.

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How to Select a Boat Anchor?

Two thousand years ago, an anchor was a large rock tied to a piece of homemade rope. Today's anchors are comparatively lightweight, made of modern alloys and some can be taken apart until needed. C... Read More »

How to Anchor a Fishing Boat?

Anchoring a boat is not an overly difficult task, but it is important to do it properly to avoid injury and prevent damage to your boat. Failing to anchor a boat properly will cause the boat to dri... Read More »

How to Build a Boat Anchor?

A boat anchor is any device that will keep a boat anchored in one place. Most owners of larger boats will purchase a lightweight anchor with flukes that will not only dig into the bottom, but also ... Read More »

What anchor do I use on my boat?

On One Hand: Match Your Anchor To Your BoatThe bigger the boat, the bigger your anchor and the more anchor line you should take. A good ratio is one pound of anchor and one foot of line per foot of... Read More »