How to Anchor Your Knitting Yarn?

Answer Stop chasing your balls of wool during knitting with this easy solution using materials you'll already have in the house.

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How to Choose Knitting Yarn?

Knitting yarn can be made from any type of material that has the length longer than its width. It could be made from string, sewing cotton, or ribbon, but would not be very practical to wear. It is... Read More »

What is yarn over in knitting?

A yarn over in knitting is a way to add a stitch to the row you are working. To perform this maneuver, bring the working yarn in front of the knitting needle, then simply wrap the yarn around the ... Read More »

What is sport knitting yarn?

Yarn comes in a wide variety of weights and thicknesses. Over the years, the term "sport" yarn or "sport weight" yarn developed to refer to one of the lighter weight yarns. The Craft Yarn Council o... Read More »

How to Switch Yarn Colors in Knitting?

As a beginning knitter hones her skills, there will come a time a project requires changing yarn colors. Changing colors in knitting to create stripes or patterns should be done correctly to preser... Read More »