How to Analyze the Results of Your Multiple Intelligence Test?

Answer Analyzing the results of your multiple intelligence test can reveal a great deal about your strengths, weaknesses and natural inclinations. Every person's brain is wired differently and any given t... Read More »

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What Are Intelligence Tests Really Testing & Are They or the Application of the Results Fair?

Measuring a person's intelligence via a standardized test does not always produce clear-cut, comprehensive results. Individuals who are book smart may be able to recall large amounts of data but ma... Read More »

How to Set Up a Multiple Intelligence Classroom?

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences works on the basis that we all have various levels of intelligence across a range of areas. The multiple intelligences are interpersonal, intrapers... Read More »

Highlights of the Multiple Intelligence Theory?

Multiple intelligence is the brainchild of Dr. Howard Gardener, who developed the theory while serving as professor of education at Harvard University in 1983. Dr. Gardener suggests that IQ testing... Read More »

Objectives for Multiple Intelligence in the Classroom?

It is generally accepted in the education world that Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences is the most accurate assessment of how people learn. The theory, in summary, suggests that peo... Read More »