How to Analyze a Character?

Answer In modern literature and other fiction media, characters drive the story. A central character, or protagonist, is usually matched by a villain, or antagonist. A host of supporting characters may he... Read More »

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How do you output the character text to the right or left of a specific character string in Excel?

I understand that in your example you are using "Floor" as the determining value for what you want to use to break apart a string of data. And using the MID function would work under this particul... Read More »

Do people in China know about ''Kecil Naga'' this character is he a cartoon character or something?

"Chen Kecil Naga" is the Indonesian name for little Dragon. A lot of Chinese living in Indnesia have this name.There's nothing cartoon-ish about this name. Do a google search and you will find seve... Read More »

What Saturday night live cast member created the character baba wawa character?

How to Differentiate Between a Major Character and a Minor Character in a Story?

Stories entertain readers and viewers with characters people can connect to. Each character in a story forms a situation, but may not be whom the story is centered around. Differentiate between a m... Read More »