How to Analyze Variance Within a Sample Statistical Test?

Answer The variance of a sampled data set is often of great interest to researchers and statisticians. While there are many ways to analyze variance, they are all based on the same basic method of compari... Read More »

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How to Calculate Variance of a Sample?

In statistics, different values derived from a sample set have significant meanings. One of those values is the variance, which measures the spread of the sample. Other important values like the st... Read More »

Determining Sample Size in Statistical Studies?

Sample size estimation is one of the most important parts of designing a statistical study. Through sample size estimation, a researcher can accurately estimate the size of the sample she must coll... Read More »

How to Compensate for a Small Sample Size in Statistical Analysis?

In analytical statistics, you normally know a parameter about your population: you might know the mean or the standard deviation. You can even use a large sample size to make guesses about what tho... Read More »

How to Analyze & Interpret Literature for the CLEP Test?

The College Board developed CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, to allow high school or precollege students to earn college credits through examinations. If a student earns passing scores ... Read More »