How to Analyze Social Setting in Literature?

Answer Social setting is that vivid world described or created in a work of literature -- the place where characters live and dream. They follow, question, protest or break the rules of that world. More t... Read More »

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How to Analyze Tone in Literature?

In literature, tone refers to the author's attitude (as narrator) toward the subject of the story and the readers of the story. The author reveals tone through word choice. Your ability to recogniz... Read More »

How to Analyze an Illustration in Children's Literature?

Though they are often simple in design, the illustrations in children's literature can convey numerous sentiments, including ones absorbed subconsciously. You should carefully analyze the illustrat... Read More »

How to Analyze & Interpret Literature for the CLEP Test?

The College Board developed CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, to allow high school or precollege students to earn college credits through examinations. If a student earns passing scores ... Read More »

How to Conduct a Literature Review in Social Science?

A "literature review" does not refer to famous works of poetry or prose, but to scholarly articles published on a certain topic. When you conduct your literature review, you will read journal artic... Read More »