How to Analyze Primary Sources?

Answer As firsthand accounts from people who either witnessed, were impacted by, or were otherwise connected with historical eras and events, primary sources humanize history and contribute to a more comp... Read More »

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How to Analyze a Primary Source?

A primary source is a first-hand account of a time-period or event. It includes newspapers, letters, memoirs, music, court cases, records and anything else that took place at the time you are resea... Read More »

How to Analyze a Primary Source Document?

Unlike secondary sources, primary documents are an opportunity to gain unique insight into the mind of a person who actually experienced a historical event. As first-hand accounts, primary source d... Read More »

How to Cite Primary Sources?

Quoting resources in writing, in particular for research purposes, has been done since virtually the beginning of the written word. Over time, certain criteria and laws were developed to protect th... Read More »

Primary Sources for the Trail of Tears?

In the 1830s, more than 15,000 Cherokee Native Americans were forced to march across Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas to Oklahoma. It is estimated that ... Read More »