How to Amuse Yourself on a Rainy Day?

Answer It's pouring rain outside! Thank goodness for your survival kit (this article).

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How to Amuse Yourself at Home?

You're sitting at home bored out of your mind! Only 42 more days till school starts again! This article is written with children in mind.

How to Amuse Yourself on a Plane?

Very long flights, and not so very long flights can become boring. Taking a nap is one option, until you wake up three long hours before landing with nothing to do, you could annoy the person sitti... Read More »

How to Amuse Yourself During School?

Are you bored in school? Read through the steps below and try some of them out during a long, boring school day.

How do u amuse yourself when u are alone?

pull down you're pants and do the masturbation dance!