How to Amplify Sounds for Kids?

Answer Small sounds make loud noises when you amplify them. One way to amplify sound for a child is to use a megaphone. The science behind amplifying sound is the same whether you use a complicated elect... Read More »

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How to Amplify Your Mandolin?

The mandolins is a small stringed instrument that originated in Italy during the 17th century. Original models have six double courses of strings, similar to modern 12 string guitars, however, late... Read More »

How to Amplify Electric Drums?

Electronic drum sets have many advantages over their acoustic counterparts. They are lightweight, more compact, and more easily disassembled for travel. They also have the advantage of being nearly... Read More »

How to Amplify Speaker Sound?

Speakers are devices that translate signals from an electronic device, such as a receiver or CD player, into audible sound waves. Occasionally speakers may need a bit of a power boost to produce l... Read More »

How to Amplify the Sound of MP3 Players?

Most MP3 players require at least a pair of headphones to be listened to properly. Some phones that have MP3 playback capabilities can project the sound from their small speakers, but the quality i... Read More »