How to Amortize Assets?

Answer A company's assets include those that are non-physical in nature called intangible assets. These include patents, copyrights, and intellectual property. In accounting, intangible assets decrease in... Read More »

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Do I have to amortize my assets?

You must amortize intangible assets with finite lifespans, such as exclusive rights and trademarks, over the course of their useful lives. Doing otherwise is not in accordance with the cost princip... Read More »

If you marry a man with no health insurance if he has medical expenses he cannot pay and has no assets could 'they' come after your assets in NY?

Answer That's really a question for a family law attorney. Rather than worry about it - why not just purchase coverage for him.

How to Amortize a Loan?

If you plan to purchase a home or car soon, you will most likely need to take out a loan. If this is the first time you have taken out a loan, you may wonder how to amortize a loan. Amortization is... Read More »

How to Amortize a Note?

A note is the document that serves as a contract between a borrower and a lender. The note lists a term in which the loan must be paid off. The period of time between the contract date and the matu... Read More »