How to Amend a Divorce Petition?

Answer A divorce petition is a document that is filed to start the dissolution of a marriage. Occasionally the petition will need to be modified to change the language within the petition. To amend the pe... Read More »

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How do I amend a divorce petition?

LawResearch the laws in your particular state regarding amendment to pleadings. A pleading is something filed in court asking the court to do something. A petition is a pleading. States will vary s... Read More »

How do I amend a bankruptcy petition?

Go to Bankruptcy CourtCall or visit the bankruptcy court in which you filed your case during normal weekday business hours. Depending upon what you need to amend in your bankruptcy, the court staff... Read More »

How do i amend divorce papers?

When to ModifyCheck your state statutes or local rules to determine when you may ask for a modification (the legal term used to amend a decree). Some states require that you wait a year or more abs... Read More »

How to Amend a Divorce Decree?

While a divorce often seems like the final and official end of a marriage, the terms of the divorce can sometimes be amended. Certain circumstances of the divorce can be contested, litigated and ch... Read More »