How to Always Win at Monopoly?

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I am 17 and i dont want to live with my mom or dad im always depressedor always in trouble can i ask to be in a placement or some kind of home and what do i have to do?

tell your parents your not happy living there that you want to learn how to live alone and tell your parents that you can take care of your self so u can learn but you have to live close to your pa... Read More »

My eyes always are always shut in pictures!!?

Maybe try composing the pictures where you are not looking directly at the camera. Maybe if you aren't looking right at the camera, the flash will not cause your blink reflex to kick in.Another th... Read More »

How to Win at Monopoly?

In order to win at Monopoly, you need to bankrupt all of your opponents, before they can do the same to you. With each decision you make, it's essential to consider the best ways to improve your ch... Read More »

How to Cheat at Monopoly?

Ever wonder why you are losing at Monopoly every time you play? Well, now you can win, but it must be by using dishonest methods.