How to Always Have Something to Look Forward To?

Answer You know that feeling you get when your upset, but nothing is wrong? Having something to look forward to really helps. This can be useful to get rid of the bored/sad feeling you get when something ... Read More »

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Should kids learn how to be independent at an early age or wait so that they will have something to look forward to?

Independence should come in stages. It should start young and build through the years. Also, just because they learn to be independent doesn't mean you can't still do for them. For example: My eig... Read More »

How to Always Have Something Wonderful to Wear?

Still looking through the closet for something to wear? Here's how to always have something wonderful to wear.

Now ... why is it when you drink coffee and spill it down your front you always have something white on?

Oh! it's just the Murphy's law, it's the same one that if you drop your toast, it always falls butter side down!Did you like the recipe?,let me know if you would like some more!

I always have really bad headaches. I'm tired of taking pain killers any suggestions for something else?

You need to see a doctor. Many things can cause headaches; anything from a problem in your vision to high blood pressure, or they could simply be migranes or allergies. If there are health issues t... Read More »