How to Always Get What You Want?

Answer Have you ever been to the shops and seen something you really wanted but your parents didn't allow you to get it or didn't get it for you? Well now you can always get what you want by reading this ... Read More »

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I am 17 and i dont want to live with my mom or dad im always depressedor always in trouble can i ask to be in a placement or some kind of home and what do i have to do?

tell your parents your not happy living there that you want to learn how to live alone and tell your parents that you can take care of your self so u can learn but you have to live close to your pa... Read More »

How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You?

So you've spotted a guy. Congratulations! Now it's time to get this guy to want you. The following steps are sure to improve that you are irresistible! Talking

Why do I always want to quit after the 1st day?

Well, if you're going there to enjoy something, and then you don't want to do it anymore, isn't that a sign that you haven't found something fun and exciting yet? Just keep looking.

Why do people always want to use my ipod?

It sounds like you're very caring about other people's feelings and you'd rather have harmony than conflict. Your problem is very reasonable and hopefully here are a few things that will help you o... Read More »