How to Alter Cmd.Exe Start Directory?

Answer Command Prompt (Yes, the Username is blocked...)Altering Command Prompt's starting directory can yield many colorful results. This can be done for many reasons, you might be in a constant area and ... Read More »

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How do I write a 301 redirect from my main directory to a sub-directory?

301 is very close to 360, which of course is a complete circle. so it would come back towards you.Try a 180 to go away from you..

Wh don't we hav B: drive in our computerWhy Hard disk drive start with C: Can we alter or change to A:?

Why no B drive? It is the old convention. A drive used to be the 5.25" floppy, B drive used to be 3.5" floppy and C used to be the HDD. This tradition continues. A:\ now 3.5". Even this is changing... Read More »

How to Create an Alter Ego?

Different people have different ideas of what an alter ego is. This article assumes it's a person you create and relate to or strive to be like, after you have created this alter ego you day-dream ... Read More »

How do i alter the xp startup?

Open Configuration SoftwareClick on the "Start" menu button on the toolbar and choose the "Run" option. Enter "msconfig" into the text box and click "OK." In the Configuration Utility Window that a... Read More »