How to Alphabetize in Excel 2003?

Answer Excel 2003 has several options available for sorting data. Start by highlighting the range of data that needs to be sorted. Once highlighted, use the "Sort" option on the Data menu. Sort by sing... Read More »

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How do I alphabetize an Excel spreadsheet?

Simple SortOpen an existing spreadsheet or create a new one and enter data into it to alphabetize. Select the cells you want Excel to sort alphabetically. Click on the "Sort & Filter" button at the... Read More »

How to Alphabetize Cells in Excel?

Excel is a powerful database tool used to store and manage text and numbers. Alphabetizing is one of the many benefits of using Excel. Alphabetizing cells will allow you to quickly access and refer... Read More »

Can you alphabetize with Microsoft Word 2003?

Word 2003 can alphabetize text to make it easier to read. Arrange the text into a table or list. Highlight it with the mouse pointer. Click the "Table" menu at the top of the window, and then click... Read More »

Access Denied When Saving From the Excel 2007 Format to Excel 2003?

Converting a file from Excel 2007 to Excel 2003 allows users with older spreadsheet software to view the content of the file. However, if the folder in which the Excel file is contained is set to "... Read More »