How to Alphabetize Surnames?

Answer A surname is the family name of a group of people. Common American surnames include Smith, Johnson, Williams and Jones. Americans use surnames after individual names; this practice differs from oth... Read More »

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When did surnames originate?

An exact date of origin of surnames is unknown. Historians mutually agree that surnames originated from the need to distinguish between villagers bearing the same first name. Originally, surnames w... Read More »

What are your 5 favourite surnames?

Reilly -- I love the sound of this name, and the way it looks as well. It's also not very common, at least it's not where I live, and it goes with almost any name, unless they are too rhymey. It is... Read More »

How many Chinese surnames are there?

The Chinese use more than 8,000 surnames. Of these 8,000 surnames, the Han Chinese use 3,000. The most common Chinese surnames include Zhang, Li and Wang. Chinese women keep their surname when they... Read More »

What is the meaning of von in surnames?

Researching surnames is an excellent way to provide insight into your family's history. Names may signify a family's profession, geographical origin or even be based on an ancestor's physical chara... Read More »