How to Almost Always Remember Your Keys?

Answer Ever go to school or work and have a good day then come home and realize you forgot your keys? Read on to find out how to almost never forget your keys and meetings, along with other tips.

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Does anyone remember the game Show Seven Keys?

I remember it... Been trying to find an old copy to watch

Is it normal to almost always see the red shaking icon on Canon SX 200 IS?

is it under warenty ?? was it water damage or droped ??? let us know a little moreset the camera to the infinity setting the sideways 8

Why does my tea/coffee almost always end up with a film on it?

I could be from the milk if you have milk, ot a cup that hasn't been washed and dried out properly.Chetak

Almost always have phlegm caught in my throat?

It's probably an allergy. Do you have weeds or wild flowers or something else outside the window that could make you have a reaction? You could get tested for allergies by a dermatologist. It mi... Read More »