How to Almost Always Remember Your Keys?

Answer Ever go to school or work and have a good day then come home and realize you forgot your keys? Read on to find out how to almost never forget your keys and meetings, along with other tips.

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Does anyone remember the game Show Seven Keys?

I remember it... Been trying to find an old copy to watch

Will the insurance company pay for a vehicle that is stolen while the keys are in it or running with the keys in it?

%REPLIES% Answer I've heard of some carriers attempting to include language in their policies for this sort of thing, where coverage is excluded if the vehicle is left running and/or the keys are l... Read More »

Is it possible to have keys re-made for the door lock, even though I don't have the keys?

yes you can take the lock off and go to a store that makes keys they can take the lock and make a new key for it they have a machine that makes them able to do this i have done this for my house an... Read More »

Finding foreign keys, primary keys etc..?

This site should help:…