How to Allocate a Drive Letter?

Answer Allocating drive letters on your computer will let you personalize the identity of each new drive you add to your system. You can assign drive letters by pulling up Disk Management in Windows XP, V... Read More »

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How to Allocate a Second Internal Hard Drive in Vista?

In order to use the storage space on a hard drive, you must first allocate the space into an operating system recognizable format. Windows Vista comes with a "Computer Management" console that has ... Read More »

How to Restore a Drive Letter for the CD-DVD Drive in Windows XP Home Edition?

The CD-DVD drive in your Windows XP Home Edition-based computer is configured through the operating system as well as through the computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) that controls each hard... Read More »

Win XP can see the drive but cannot assign a drive letter?

OK. Your HDD master boot record is corrupt, secure operating system's like windows XP and vista won't work. To fix it insert windows XP CD-ROM and start recovery console, type there the drive 'fixm... Read More »

How do I assign a drive letter to a flash drive?

Computer Management ConsoleConnect the flash drive to the computer. Right-click on "My Computer" if you're using Windows XP, "Computer" if you're using Vista or Windows 7. Select "Manage."Manage Dr... Read More »