How to Align the Neck at Home?

Answer The human head weighs anywhere between 10 to 14 pounds. Since the neck is responsible for keeping the head up, it is important to keep it aligned. A misaligned neck will cause unwanted weight and t... Read More »

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How To Re-align Your Neck?

How to Align a Car at Home?

Tires are necessary for a vehicle to move and when a vehicle is aligned correctly, a set of tires can last over 20,000 miles. When premature wear on the tire is noticeable, it's time to check for p... Read More »

Home Remedy for a Wrinkled Neck?

Wrinkles are a part of the aging process but can also be caused by stress, diet, UV damage and smoking. The skin on the neck is much thinner than on the face and develops wrinkles much faster. Wo... Read More »

Home Remedy for Dark Spots on the Neck?

Wearing a high-collar blouse or shirt works well to hide dark spots on your neck during the winter, but the style might be uncomfortable once the weather warms up. Dark spots develop because of age... Read More »