How to Align a Div Tag to the Bottom?

Answer The world of web design is constantly advancing. The development of Cascading Style Sheets, referred to as CSS, allowed designers to more dynamically build their HTML web pages, and became the indu... Read More »

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How to Align an Image at the Bottom of a DIV?

A DIV tag in an HTML page allows you to separate certain Web elements from the rest of the HTML page. For example, if you have an image that you want to insert into a certain part of your HTML page... Read More »

How do I align the drain hole in the bottom of my freezer with the drain pan underneath my Kenmore model #106?

Mars Melnicoff said the same thing happened to her at Phonehenge. She just inserted the correct size punch and tapped gently until the metal conformed thus aligning both holes!!!

Is it normal for your front teeth to rest on your bottom braces therefore causing your top and bottom molars to not be able to touch?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerProbably not. But you should call your orthodontist and talk to them about it. AnswerI researched this problem myself; I have had a similar experience myself. By looking an... Read More »

What are those things called that have adhesive on the bottom and you stick it to the bottom of a tub to?

I hate those things. They look cute at first, but after a few weeks they're all dirty and soap scummy and you have to replace them. It's a sham.