How to Align a Car's Wheels?

Answer A car's wheel alignment can be off for a number of reasons, from damage done by a pothole, to driving on an unpaved road. When aligning a car's wheel, the terms camber, caster, and toe must be unde... Read More »

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How to Align the Wheels on a '70 Chevrolet Pickup?

A 1970 Chevrolet pickup's wheels may suffer from alignment issues for a number of reasons, such as off-road driving, being overloaded or simply aging. Repairing alignment on this truck requires a s... Read More »

How to Align the Rear Wheels in a Honda Accord?

Adjusting the rear wheels in a Honda Accord involves adjusting the trailing arms and the compensator arm connected to the trailing arm. Normally, this is done by an alignment shop due to the extrem... Read More »

Who buys hot wheels toy cars?

Hot Wheels toy cars have delighted generations of children, but people from all walks of life purchase the cars for various purposes. From jubilant kids on Christmas morning to serious collectors, ... Read More »

How many wheels did the old fashioned cars have?

The first automobiles largely were built with four wheels. Some were called quadracycles, including the first car Henry Ford ever built in 1896. Other early automobiles, such as one built by Karl B... Read More »