How to Align Your Car?

Answer Proper wheel alignment is critical to the safe operation of a car and to increase the life of your tires. Car wheels are aligned by the toe and the camber. Toe is the tire distance from the center ... Read More »

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How to Align Your Hips?

Hips are a complex part of human anatomy. They consist of a number of bodily structures that move around the pelvis, legs joints and sacrum and that can become easily misaligned through bad posture... Read More »

How to Align Your Shoulders?

Improper shoulder posture can put unwanted strain on your neck and back, causing chronic pain, and in some cases, tension headaches. Computer work can cause or worsen bad posture, by encouraging sl... Read More »

How To Re-align Your Neck?

Can you align your own front tires?

Most people prefer to have a professional align their car's front tires, but it is possible to perform this task yourself at home. However, the equipment to perform this task costs several hundred ... Read More »