How to Align Your Car?

Answer Proper wheel alignment is critical to the safe operation of a car and to increase the life of your tires. Car wheels are aligned by the toe and the camber. Toe is the tire distance from the center ... Read More »

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How to Align Headlights?

Working on cars can be an enjoyable pastime that not only relaxes you but accomplishes a task as well. Whether your car was hit in the front, you installed a new body kit, or your headlights have j... Read More »

My printer won't align?

i have the same printer just go to your start menu and select devices and printers.When that opens up select the link that says estimated ink levels a little box will open up and let you know how m... Read More »

How to Align Your Hips?

Hips are a complex part of human anatomy. They consist of a number of bodily structures that move around the pelvis, legs joints and sacrum and that can become easily misaligned through bad posture... Read More »

How to Align a Car's Wheels?

A car's wheel alignment can be off for a number of reasons, from damage done by a pothole, to driving on an unpaved road. When aligning a car's wheel, the terms camber, caster, and toe must be unde... Read More »