How to Algebraically Find the Intersection of Two Lines?

Answer When straight lines intersect on a 2-dimensional graph, they meet at only 1 point, which can be described by a single set of x- and y-coordinates. Because both lines pass through that point, you kn... Read More »

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How to Find the Intersection of Two Lines on a Calculator?

Oh, simultaneous equations. The dread of math students everywhere. Use this handy shortcut that can be found on your graphing calculator!!

How to Know If the Slope Intersection of Two Lines Forms a Right Angle?

When two different straight lines are plotted on the same graph, the lines either intersect or they do not. If they intersect, you can determine the angle at which they intersect using the concept ... Read More »

How to Algebraically Find the Center of a Circle?

There are several ways to mathematically find the center of a circle. The algebraic method involves using the equation of a circle to find the center points. Another method involves using geometry.... Read More »

How to Algebraically Find the Inverse of a Function?

You can think of mathematical functions, usually denoted as f(x) or g(x), as a road map of mathematical operations it takes to get you from x to y. For example, consider the function f(x) = 5x - 2.... Read More »