How to Airbrush Cellulite?

Answer Airbrush makeup can give you the appearance of a smooth complexion without needing to use a lot of makeup. Using the airbrush technique to apply makeup allows you to cover up problem areas with eas... Read More »

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How to Find the Best Cellulite Treatment to Get Rid of Cellulite?

The best cellulite treatment to get rid of cellulite should tighten thighs that jiggle and smooth out the lumps and bumps under the skin. While the latest cellulite treatments feature skin brushes ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of an Airbrush Tan?

An airbrush tan is an alternative to a natural tan from sunbathing or a fake tan that you apply by hand. The tanner sprays a substance called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) onto your skin where the chemica... Read More »

Airbrush Uses?

Airbrushes have many different uses, ranging anywhere from do-it-yourself artwork or makeup to painting a car. Airbrushed work looks lightweight and more polished.

How to Airbrush a Leg?

Legs may not look ideal without pantyhose or without cosmetics. It is difficult to naturally achieve an even tone, without any redness and bumps. Airbrushing legs resembles spraying on pantyhose or... Read More »